Accompanied Ministry Development 2.0

At the beginning of January in 2017, the first cohort of priests for AMD 2.0 had their initial meeting. This was to get to know one another as a group and to decide what they thought the focus of AMD should be. The content of the future colleges was planned from this point.

The new look AMD would consist of 4 sections spread over a much larger timeframe than before. For each section there would be Incumbent Clergy colleges (residentials of 3 days), Local Leaders' colleges (residentials of 2 days), Incumbents' Action Learning Groups (2 separate days) and Ministry Development Team Days (1 day). Dates were set for all four of these starting from July 2018 through to May 2020. All sessions would be held at Epiphany House in Truro.

Each college or training day would be informed by the previous one. So, the parts thought most helpful in a 3 day residential for the incumbent would carry over to the local leaders and so on. Therefore, the Ministry Development Teams from each church or cluster would attend a focused day of input based on the most useful sections of the previous colleges.