AMD 2.0 College 1

Due to many unforeseen circumstances the first Ministry Development Team Day didn't happen until January 2019. 

As it was a first get together some time was spent getting to know one another. Opening and closing worship were observed and there was a lot of time to socialise over lunch. 

Various exercises were undertaken to establish where we felt we were in our churches, what could be improved and what we felt would be a good way forward. As we are a cluster of eight distinct parishes, it was quite difficult to have some of these conversations in as much depth as others, and it was difficult to make a commitment on behalf of a church.  

Arising from the afternoon's discussion, all agreed that we need to put Worship of God more centrally into our Sundays.  We all felt that general "admin" seemed to take over a lot of the time, sorting readers, collections, fussing over detail, sorting the next fundraiser etc...  We decided we need to unclutter our minds from all this before starting the services.

Some of these measures were already in place in some churches, but the three point plan we decided would be good to try and implement across the cluster would be the following:

  • Offer up 5 minutes of silence (or quiet) before the service
  • Consider doing notices at the beginning - that would get everyone's attention focussed, before announcing the period of silence
  • Having a designated person already in place to start the service in case a priest should be running late, rather than arranging it in a last minute panic