AMD Archive

Back in March 2015 Bishop Tim visited St Day church for an open meeting for the Cluster to explain the process of AMD (Accompanied Ministry Development).  He explained that AMD is the Diocese's response to the need for ongoing support and training for clergy in order to benefit the parishes they are responsible for. More information is available in the AMD download section.


Bishop Tim outlined the procedure which at its most basic involves checking where churches are to begin with ("departure point" and a "healthy church event"), five intensive clergy colleges for the incumbent followed by meetings with the Clergy Advisor and then with a Ministry Development Team, a Bishops' conference where the team could present their plans for growth within their parishes, some time to implement these plans and a further check to evaluate their success (possibly a repeat of the "departure point").

This all sounded quite complicated - and indeed it was further complicated by the fact that we consist of seven parishes.  However, the departure point questionnaires were duly completed and the information colated and a healthy church event was held at the Cluster Day.  

Early in 2016, Rev'd Dom Jones was invited to attend AMD.  Instead of putting all our churches through the entire process twice in quick succession a compromise was negotiated, whereby the process for Simon is on hold until Dom has completed his colleges.  The Ministry Development Team will continue to meet and when Dom has finished all five colleges he and Simon will meet with the Bishop together and take the process forward as a team.