Private Worship

The Rev'd Simon Cade writes

"My guess is that there may be quite a few in the cluster who would value knowing that the Eucharist was being celebrated at least weekly on Sundays on their behalf, and that the parish and people were being laid before the altar and prayed for in that way.

This can be done in accordance with the national guidance, in fact there is going to be guidance tomorrow from Lambeth that encourages it. The service would not be “public” and we would not be publishing when on Sunday it would be, but rather reassuring people that it was happening and that they were being remembered at the altar. It would be priest and a server (or at least someone to open the sacristy etc)."

This offer has been taken up and The Rev'd Simon Cade will be remembering us all at the altar as he celebrates the Eucharist in one of our churches each Sunday at an unspecified time with just one other person. Please do not attempt to join him, but be reassured that he is doing this.


In St Day, The Rev'd Steve Fletcher has moved his Morning Prayer to 8am. He will say morning prayer each morning alone in his own home at that time, so that anyone who wishes to be part of a continuing worshiping community can pray "together" in their own homes.


Devoran Church have been emailing out copies of liturgy (non-Eucharistic) to their parishioners to join in worship at home.