Children's Resources

Children's Resources

We provide activity sheets and packs for children to do in church on a Sunday which are relevant to the readings of the day. As we are currently  unable to meet in church, please find some resources here for them to engage with.

We will start from Palm Sunday 2020 and continue to put the most recent first. Here is a worksheet that you might like to use with them all.

2nd August 2020, Roots, Roots colouring sheet

26th July 2020 (Roots) (Roots colouring sheet) Other resources for these readings part one, two, three, four

23-29th July 2020 (Roots)

19th-25th July 2020 (Roots)

19th July 2020

17th July 2020 (Roots)

Going Back to School 

Welcome Back to Church - why is everything just a bit different?

12th July 2020

5th July 2020

28th June 2020

21st June 2020

14th June 2020

7th June 2020 Trinity Sunday

31st May 2020

Wild Worship, by The Sanctuary Centre. This is for all ages, but includes various things to spot on a nature walk, along with mentions of those things in the bible.

24th May 2020

24th May 2020 Messy Church at Home part one, part 2, part 3

Thy Kingdom Come Family Adventure prayer map This link will take you to the site where you can download the map, instructions on how to use the app, podcasts, and extra materials.

17th May 2020

10th May 2020

4th May 2020, Messy Church At Home part one

4th May 2020, Messy Church At Home part two, craft.

26th April 2020

19th April 2020

Easter Resources

Holy Week

Palm Sunday 

Easter Resources
Colouring sheets, Together at Home, and Messy Church at home.